Why does it take sometimes for repatriation

We are often asked to speed and repatriate the deceased within one day , the death happens in the morning  and we was asked to send the body in that afternoon or even the death occurs in the evening and the body need to go in that night. Good reason for asking that is because of Muslim religion , they need to be burial within 24 hours.  We really want to help and do that as they request.
And we can really do that , sending out form Thailand , it is not much problems but what will happen once the deceased arrive others country, would the decease be denied entering and return to me again. We would better do it correctly without any worry,  of cause it take times,. Here we have an explanation.

article2_clip_image002_0000From what I see ifthe death occur in Thailand, it takes more than 24 hours to repatriate them to their home land. Why the repatriation take sometimes..
Most of airlines and consuls will need to have anoriginal death certificate issued by the district where death occur , This death certificate is not the one from hospital. Arrangement for the death certificate some case it takes time. Death outside hospital or during transfer to hospital. We need to appoint the local police to get police report ,letter for issuing death certificate and original passport that local police will keep it , sometimes local police is not in duty ,we have to wait. We need to appoint the hospital to collect cause of death paper works , sometimes this is called death certificate that make confusion  with the death certificate from the district. Then we go to district where the death occur.  At the district, some districts in Thailand have never issued death certificate for “ Non Resident Alien “ because this is different from local death certificate.  it is a computer  program , if you input some wrong informations ,they will not print out  and the program will not understand. The district will need to ask for an expert for help , that will take time.


Finally we will have Thai original death certificate. Then it need to be translated , English translation is applied for most country but some country where English is not a first language , we need to translate to their own language such as German , French , Italian , Russia etc. That will take time.

In some country once English translation is completed , it must be legalized by ministry of foreign affairs at legalization division and pay double fee. For express legalization service we can collect in the afternoon but documents must be handed in before 11.00 am and this will need to be considered by legalization division supervisors, if not an express service , it will take 2 days.  Some country where English death certificate translation need to be legalized :Chinese , Hong Kong , Malaysia, Singapore , France , Italy etc.

With death certificate translation , then we send to embassy at consular section . Here they will arrange necessary paper works for repatriation and average time,  most of embassy will take around 1 to 2 days and return paper works to us.
Finally we can fly the body with all corrected paper works without worry about any problems once the deceased arrives their home land.