Where are deceased personal effects ?

       For a cremation or repatriation of a foreign deceased. Most of the case, there are deceased’s personal effects leave with a local police .We provide collection and delivery service. Once the death occur outside hospital, the personal effects will be collected by the local from their home rental , hotel room. The local police will write the list of items found in that place and wait from authorizer to come and collect them. These belongings will return with the coffin and with ashes to their home land , the cost may be none if it is small items that can fit in the coffin or ashes container , and more than 500 USD is it is like big size suitcases , this will depend on the weight and dimension of the belongings. It happens in some case that the deceased had Thai partner while they stay in Thailand, this will find a little difficult task, when they were not happy to return these personal effects to us, that will need local police or embassy to negotiate or even a lawsuit.