To British customers

       Siam Funeral , we are the first and only one(Feb 2013) oversea member of NAFD in Thailand since 2007( National Association of Funeral Directors) and we work strictly under NAFD Code of Practice.

       We would like to thank for a trust in our company for many years we serve British bereave family and will continue our best service to you.

       Funeral arrangement for British, both cremation with return  ashes to England and deceased repatriation to England. We would like to inform that there will have consular fees to pay out on your behalf. We need to pay in Thai baht even the fees are in Sterling,  it is converted to Thai baht so the fee may not be the same any time but not much different , up to currency exchange.  In this February 2013 These  3rd party fee are
       – Letter of released fee    3,500 THB
       – Sworn translation fee      3,750 THB
       – Covering letter for ashes or deceased to UK. Fee     2,250 THB

       These fees are necessary for return the body or ashes to UK. If cremation and scatter ashes happen Thailand, the fees will be only letter of released and sworn translation.

       This is just to confirm that when we are asked for a quote, we normally include these 3rd party charges in our quote.