Think Globally Act Locally

It was an old slogan but we realize it should apply to our business most. Building network and sharing knowledge is one of the important task ,with this exchange information can make us understand more on the need of customer from the west world then the feedback from local authority will be passed to our network supply chain. The information has been exchanged and finally our service will be tailored to meet the need of our customers or at least we can provide funeral service that keep bereave families satisfaction.

One of the best sample is that Thai belief is not to arrange cremation on Friday , we heard of this belief for long time since we were young and it is still applied today. Most of the temple in Thailand will not arrange for cremation on Friday. The reason is that we may assume Friday in Thai mean WanSuk and WanSuk means happy day. So on Happy day we should not arrange for any sadness ceremony. It sounds non sense but it really happens in Thailand. So what will happen when bereave  family have already invited and told all people , friends to come for attending  cremation on Friday without notice us. There is nothing wrong with the family it is only because they do not know much of Thai culture. And it is not easy for them to change the date of cremation. What we can do is to stay in the plan, we cound have ceremony on this Friday , all Buddhist chanting funeral and paying last respect can be done on Friday ,the body was placed in the cremator but we will start cremate the body tomorrow morning. This information was given to the family before Friday and all were satisfied with the solution.