Thai funeral

       At Thai funeral ceremony for Thai, the role of funeral director seems not to be applied at this stage as I mentioned in the previous section. Why no need professional funeral director ?When the death occur with Thai. Especially in remote area of Thailand, people from same village and family members will gather around for help, that includes food cooking , drink , cleaning house etc. We have chanting ceremony before cremation 3 to 9 days . In one funeral with chanting ceremony would cost more than 100,000 baht, most of the expenses will be on food and drink giving to the people who come to attend the funeral in each night.

        The funeral business in Thailand may be difference from other countries. We have coffin shop where you can choose and buy the coffin with deceased transportation service and everything using in the funeral but most of the funeral case, family would be offered the coffin and transportation service by the hospital where the death occurs or a temple or even a coffin shop’s agent who work for a volunteer foundations. Undoubtedly bereave family will prefer buying coffin and services from mentioned places but not at a coffin shop because they can give the family a convenient and smooth working in documentations , releasing the body , funeral and cremation ceremony at temple. A Funeral director is not in a Thai funeral business circle.