Samui Funeral Director

Samui is one of the beautiful island in south of Thailand located in Suratthani Province. When the death occur here , the local doctor and local police will arrange for investigation and issue cause of death , Samui Island do not have place for performing an post mortem , the deceased that found outside hospital will be kept at district hospital called Samui hospital and Samui hospital has a very limited cold storage. Our funeral director suggestion is to embalm the body as soon as possible.

pic-funeral05pic-funeral06pic-funeral02However in some case family or insurance request for an post mortem to find out cause of death , this will need local polices to arrange for paper works of permission and the expenses for transferring to institute of forensic Science in Bangkok will be charged with family , the deceased can be sent by air or by road. Be aware that when transferring by road it may take more than 12 hours , because it is an island , we need the ferry to cross to land at Donsak, Suratthani Province , the ferry normally take 2 hours or more if it is a monsoon and the ferry stop working. So that embalmment will be done at Samui before release the body. Our funeral director can arrange Cremation at Samui if family wish to and people , friends can attend ceremony. Repatriation of the deceased , that will need to bring the body to Bangkok international airport. The deceased will be kept and taken care at our mortuary in Bangkok till the flight’s ready.