Return the ashes to family abroad

       Cremated remains or ashes can be collected and packed into the brass urn and send by freight normally by plane to family abroad, this is one of Thailand funeral home duty. Normally this service will be arrange after cremation service by our company ,you will find it is cheaper than only send ashes without our cremation service. Because in many cases we were asked to return the ashes that be prepared by the friends or family member but we have to start working on some documents that require for air transportation and there is cost for collection ashes at the place of cremation and document fees. So if you would like to have the cremated remains of your love one return to you in time of need and cost effective, please consider our cremation in package.
       In Buddhism belief , collection of the ashes ceremony will be the next day in the morning time.
       Ashes are collected and bring to crematorium hall ,One Buddhist monk is invited to chant , family place some jasmine and rose flower on ashes , water with perfume , in some area the 32 coins is place on the ashes. The idea of this ceremony is for the deceased to be reborn in good next life.
       In our circumstance return ashes to abroad the flower and perfume may not acceptable for airline regulation , as these may cause fungus on the ashes and will cause family upset. All ashes repatriation procedures will be handled by funeral director.

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