Repatriation service

       Siam Funeral provides deceased repatriation service for foreigners. In the mean of who are not Thai citizen and unfortunately died in the Kingdom of Thailand. These may need to have body repatriation services. Body Repatriation sounds like engaging with transportation, airline, logistic but in fact it is also involved with a funeral director and almost it should be funeral directors works.

       A part from documents preparation and airline managements which I will tell in the next part.

       Why does funeral director play an important role in deceased repatriation service ?

       It is acceptable for almost country in the world that a funeral director is one of professional , This is applied in Thailand as well for whoever engage in repatriation service, but believe me today (17/12/12)for Thai funeral for Thai ,we do not need funeral a director ,I will talk about this in next chapter.

       Funeral director takes care of the deceased once we are called for service ,24 hours a day , 7 day a week , more often funeral director is woke up at night by the telephone call from abroad to get the information and deceased details or giving a quote.

       The team may divide into Embalmer , Chauffeur, Bearer. Funeral directors do their best on everything that doing with deceased , embalm , dressing , make up, cleaning , disinfection etc. …..All the works on body are hygienic practice and will be ruled by airline regulation. (IATA)

       The deceased will have to be in good condition for viewing purpose before burial or cremation once he or she is transferred to their home. But in some circumstance the viewing ceremony is not suggested , family will be informed by a funeral director. Honestly In Thailand , we have limited in some resources.

       These are the role of our funeral directors. In fact funeral director is not engage only the body’s preservation ,in some case our funeral directors engage with personal effect , belongings that need to return with the deceased ,I will talk about this later.