Phuket Funeral Director

Phuket is consider to the most popular place for visiting , it locates at the other side of KohSumui and KohPhangan. It is at Andaman sea. Funeral director here will be sent from our office in Pathumthani , if family wish to have body cremated in Phuket.

pic-funeral06pic-funeral05pic-funeral02In detail we need a talk. It takes 12 hours driving from Bangkok or Pathumthani , two drivers will normally be prepared , our funeral director will arrive in Phuket in the morning time and ready to work and arrange for everything that necessary. For repatriation , we have our own embalmer standing by here so the process of preservation can be done as soon as family need it. Most of the case ,the body will be transferred to Bangkok by air , it takes only one and half hours , then our officer will arrange for collection of the body in Bangkok and the body will be kept and taken care at our mortuary till the flight is ready.
When the death occur here it is the most complicated area in Thailand. As Phuket is busy all the time , even the Hospitals , local polices. The main hospital that is considered it as provincial hospital called Vachira Phuket Hospital , most of the death case found in Phuket downtown will be sent to this hospital. Second government hospital that is served foreigner , it is Patong hospital, located in PatongSub-district. This hospital will kept the deceased found at Patong Sub-district and Katu District. Phuket cold storage for deceased is good and quite enough and there is private hospital that can keep the body in good condition , For all these storages here, you will need to pay for a fees per day and it is quite expensive. Our funeral director or our manager always come here when we have some difficult task. The difficult work in Phuket that always happen when the deceased was found outside hospital or during transfer to hospital or even found in the sea , local police and doctor investigate the death , but unfortunately the cause of death cannot be determined ,the cause of death will be “” unknown cause of death “ and in the death certificate will say unknown cause of death and that can make the family feel upset , and in some country with unknown cause of death , the repatriation cannot be done, then the doctor will suggest an post mortem at institute of forensic science in Bangkok , this will cause of delay in repatriation process. Sometimes our funeral director or the manager will need to have a long talk and explanation to the doctor , some work and some does not.