Pattaya Funeral Director

When the death occurs in Pattaya. If the death happen in hospital as normal in patients  , the body will be kept at the hospital , the death certificate will be arranged by hospital officer.

132Our funeral directors can travel to Pattaya ,it take only 2 hours driving from Pathumthani. All the outstanding bill need to be settle before we can release the body including hospital storage fees. Our funeral director can arrange for payment in advance and adding to our bill , this will up to the amount of money and we try to make it as soon as possible after get confirmation from family.

Another case that occurs outside hospital including during transfer to hospital or died once arrive at hospital. These are the most cases that happen in Pattaya, the body was found at house , in the room or at the hotel. Local police and doctor will arrange for investigation and the body will be transferred to District hospital  calledBanglamuang Hospital. Once the police has prepared paper works ,then the body will be transferred to institute of forensic  Science or we called Police hospital in Bangkok , after that the post mortem will be performed and done in the morning time before noon. Our funeral
director can start our process after that. However in some case we also deal with local police at the beginning. Funeral director or021 our team will need to go Pattaya for arrangement of paper works including the death certificate , collection of deceased’s personal belongings if there is any up to family’ wish.  The documents  inPattaya will take around 1 day and will take around 2 day for documents in Bangkok with paper work of permission from embassy. This will up to each embassy time frame of processing documents.  While the documents are being arranged , our funeral director will release and prepare the body at our mortuary ,and waiting until the flight have already confirmed or wait for an appointed date and time of cremation.