Outbound Repatriation

We work closely with the Thai customs and all Thai authorities to reassure that all the deceased will go home at the time of need and at the reasonable price.

1.Our coffin

       Our zinc lined coffin meet the standard of IATA.( The Air Transport Association)


2. Flight

       “Our  freight forwarder is professional and one of the biggest network in Southeast Asia , they understand what they are working with  not the goods but working with human remains that need to be a great care and treat them as priority at all time.”


3. Mortuary

       “Repatriation of the deceased, in practical, arrangement of deceased’s documents for air transportation will take a few days or more, the deceased will need to be released from the hospital and wait until the documents are ready, Private mortuary is very important for 2 reasons, 1.preparation of the deceased to reduce the risk of contagious diseases and to meet the need of bereaved family 2.Some hospitals charge for mortuary fee per day, hospital mortuary fee could burden family.


4. Embalming

       “We provide experienced and qualified embalmers to cover all central and remote areas in Thailand to reassure that the deceased will be embalmed within 48 hours to meet the need of international air transportation regulation.”