Funeral Plans


       The Siam Funeral offers a range of three Set Cremation Plans. Each Plan provides a different level of service depending on your requirements. Three Set Cremation Plans – Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each Plan provides a different level of service and each item specified in your Plan is also fully guaranteed. Your funeral requirements and preferences will determine which Set Cremation Plan is best for you.
Benefits of our Set Cremation Plans
Everything included in your Set Cremation Plan is fully guaranteed, so no matter how much prices may rise there will be no more to pay for these items.
Acceptance is guaranteed, with no medical or health questions.
Three types of Set Cremation Plan are available – Gold, Silver and Bronze.
Your family may add any personal touches to the arrangements at the time of the funeral.
Plans can be purchased for you, a relative, dependent or close friend.
They are provided and arranged by Siam Funeral and Suriya Funeral, the experts in funeral planning in Thailand
A choice of ways to pay for your Set Cremation Plan
There are 3 ways to pay for your Set Cremation Plan: Pay in full with a single payment – and you will never have to worry about your funeral costs again.
Pay in person with Siam Funeral , Funeral Planning Team or Transfer to Siam Funeral Bank Account.
Pay by Cheque make payable to “ Siam Funeral Co.,Ltd ”
Pay by Credit Card.
The Price of Paying in full with a single payment
Choose to pay for your Plan in full straight away, with one single payment.
Provides reassurance for you and your family that the Plan is all paid for.
Pay by Bank transaction, cheque, or credit card.

Bronze Silver Gold
PAYMENT TYPE Total Payable Total Payable Total Payable
One single payment ฿50,000 ฿60,000 ฿80,000

What included

       Our Set Cremation Plans are available if you call The Siam Funeral, Planning Team on029027907to appoint our team in person or contact us by email siamfuneral.funeralplanteam@gmail.com

       Please note: these prices are only available through The Siam Funeral Planning team on 029027907 or by completing an Application Form from and sending it to The Siam Funeral Planning Team.

  • If you cancel the Plan within 30 days we’ll refund the payment you’ve made.
  • If you cancel the Plan after 30 days we’ll refund the payment you’ve made, less a cancellation charge of ฿ 5000.