This FAQ base on Kingdom of Thailand only. You may find answer different from other country.
1. What should I do when love one died in Thailand
When you were informed the death of your love one , you need to decide how to do with the body, repatriation , cremation in Thailand or Burial in Thailand
2. Who should I contact when repatriation or cremation need
When you need repatriation or cremation service , you can contact our company , siam funeral and get quote and then contact your consular office where they will forward your request to consular office in Thailand.
3. How long does it take for repatriation
The repatriation procedure time will up to place of death and the nationality of deceased ,in the mean of which passport do the deceased hold when entry Kingdom of Thailand. Normally it will take 3-5 days
4. How long does it take for cremation
Cremation procedure will take shorter time than repatriation the body , we need to arrange for death certificate, this will up to place of death. Normally it take 1-2 day before body to be cremated. Cremation time from body to ashes normally it take 5 to 6 hours.
5. Does the body need to be performed an autopsy
In some case , the autopsy need. If cause of death is unnatural and the death occurs outside hospital. But in some case the death occurs at hospital , police still have authorization to request an autopsy. If the family need not to have an autopsy perform on the body , they need to contact embassy immediately and obtain the letter from embassy to present at the institute of forensic.
6. Where to have cremation service
The cremation service will be performed at temple.
7. How much does it cost for repatriation and cremation
The repatriation cost will up to place of death and destination to go , the charge will refer to IATA rate for human remains , the range will be between 50,000THB to 150,000THB The cremation cost will up to place of death and the selected temple , our package starting from 25,000THB to 50,000THB
8. How to do with deceased ‘s personal effects
The deceased’s personal effects can be return to family abroad if they want or it can be donated to the charity or the temple.
9. Where are deceased ‘s personal effects
Deceased ‘s personal effects and belongings will be kept by local police where the death occur. We can collect them from local police ,if e have letter from embassy stating that.
10. Can family attend cremation
The family can attend cremation in Thailand , we have English speaking funeral director who can take care the rest of procedures. But they have to let us know amount of people attending.
11. Do I need to come to Thailand to arrange cremation or repatriation
No if the family are not convenience to travel Thailand , the process of repatriation and cremation still can go on.
12. How long the body stay in good condition after embalming
After having professional embalming , the body can be in good condition up to 7 days But in the autopsy case embalming can be shorter time than normal case but it still have no problems for repatriation.