Cremation service

      Cremation is considered to be a lower cost than repatriation but it need to have a very clear instruction by writing and it must come from family member or embassy. Siam funeral is Thailand Funeral home that can provide most cost effective.
      Cremation is a very common way of disposing for Thai Buddhism. And It is the other option for bereaved family. cm02Family can also choose how to do with the cremated remains , Scatter ,Burial ,return the ashes to family abroad. In Thailand the deceased will be cremated at temple.

      The basic service that necessary for cremation are coffin, deceased transportation, dressing, ashes urn, preparing the deceased , death certificate, temple. One of the most important things for cremation is death certificate. In Thailand we cannot cremate the body ,if we do not have death certificate and the death certificate will tell where and which temple the body is cremated and we have to go to that temple. So that means we have to know where to have the body cremated before death certificate arrangement. This is the answer why we provide the temple.
cm01      This basic package service ,once funeral transportation from hospital to temple have done , the deceased will be placed into coffin and bring to crematorium at the temple. 4 Buddhist monks are invited and chanting around 30 minutes , the coffin will be placed to the oven and cremate, in the next day the ashes can be collected and placed into the brass urn for transportation , all procedures will be handled by funeral director.
      Some family choose to have Buddhist funeral ceremony before cremation, that mean family will travel to Thailand for attending with some friend in Thailand. After funeral transportation from hospital to temple. The deceased is placed on the bed at temple hall for water rite then place into coffin. The coffin will be at the funeral hall for Buddhist chanting by Buddhist monks. Chanting ceremony will normally start at night 7.00pm to 8.00pam.It could be 1 day , 3 day ,the most is 9 days. Funeral director will take care of every night of ceremony until remation. With these chanting funeral service ,it may cost more than repatriation body to their home land.

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