ChaingMai Funeral Director

Our funeral director can cover this province area well as there are many consulates working in this province and there is an institute of forensic that can perform an post mortem ,these all support our work well.

pic-funeral06pic-funeral05pic-funeral02The hospital where the deceased will be transferred called MaharajNakornChaing Mai Hospital or SuanDok Hospital. Our funeral director can arrange for cremation here but the different thing here is the crematorium , the crematorium in ChaingMai is not in the temple and regulated by NamkornChaingMai municipality , the cremation will be permitted by this Thai authority. For repatriation, the deceased will need to be transferred to Bangkok international airport and our funeral director can bring the body to Bangkok by road as the route from ChaingMai to Bangkok it is quite convenient and good , it take around 8 hours driving. The embalmment will bedone by our embalmer before released the body.