My name is Viroj Suriyasenee

      the managing director of Siam Funeral Co.,Ltd. Look back in 1947, Mr. Somchai Suriyasenee, my father, had established a shop selling the coffin named Suriya Coffin one among some first coffin business in Thailand. Up to present, Suriya Coffin Ltd., Part. has expanded 14 branches throughout the country. I am now responsible the Branch in Pathumthani based on One-Stop Service from selling of coffin, embalming,cremation,flowers,wreath,transportation and funeral director. The business of Suriya Coffin Ltd.,Part.,has been more successful,popular and became trusted to manage the coffin of the national elite, such as,Gen. Chatchai Chunhawan, Mr. Montri Pongpanich, etc.
      In addition, Suriya Coffin as represented by me has been well trusted from Thammasat University Hospital, Kasemrat Hospital Bangkhae, Chonprathan Hospital and Chonburi Hospital to take care and manage full range systems of hospital-mortuary, such as, death certificate, transportation, wound decoration, embalming, corpse freezing including selling coffin at welfare price of the hospital of which our service is in good orderliness and satisfied by all stomers.

      However, it may be because of those elite are well known and been old customers of Suriya Coffin including Thai government when the foreigner were died in Thailand, they usually consult and require our service including also several rescue foundations throughout Thailand, upon being report of death or rescue in case of any disaster, accident, etc., should there is any deceased including
      the foreigner, they usually consult us and we are willing to assist as much as we can regularly. Until on 26 December 2004, upon the attack of Tsunami in the south of Thailand, several thousands foreigners were died.

pic_profile2Suriya Coffin leading by myself and teamwork had the opportunity to join in the scene and provided assistance, coordinated with the Institute of Forensic Science to tag the deceased’s wrist. From such incident, it is the beginning point of my idea to create standard firm to manage the corpse and provide funeral service for foreigner in Thailand including repatriation service as well. We have spent several years to comply relate data, knowledge component, procedure to arrange necessary documents for international repatriation including packing method according to IATA and international standard. Until 9 August 2006, Siam Funeral Co.,Ltd has been registered as a company and ready to provide One-Stop Service of Services and Logistics for Disposing and Repatriating Human Remains


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