Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As we are the funeral home, Siam funeral takes our client’s privacy seriously. The privacy of personal data of deceased or bereaved family are gathered by phone or internet are crucial importance to us. As the result of internet is commonly being used for searching funeral service. Our web site and social media operate by a member of Siam funeral team not others organization or person. The personal data will be used in our authorized officer for successful funeral or repatriation purpose as the client’s wish only.

Information collected

The information will be saved as the highest confidential data and used for Siam Funeral only.

Personal information of deceased, such as full name, nationality, date of birth, place of death, date of death, place of deceased.

Information of the family, such as full name, E-mail address, telephone number, posting address, consignee detail for deceased or cremated remains.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a small data file that a website stores on your computer’s hard disk for the purpose of keeping records when you visit the website. Cookies cannot be used to “steal” information about you or your computer system. Cookies allow us to improve your comfort of use, for example by remembering your last visit and viewing your interest products and services without registering. Furthermore, cookies are used by us to measure activity on the website and make improvements and updates based on which areas are popular and which are not. if you don’t like having any cookies at all they can be disabled simply in your web browser’s Internet Options.

Use of information collected by Siam Funeral

Siam funeral uses both the personal and aggregated information that we collect for multiple purposes.

– To improve the content of the website

– To customize the content and/or the layout of the website for each individual client.

– To notify our client about updates and/or status of the procedures.

– To inquiry on behalf of next of kin about hidden cost expenses, such as medical bill, storage fee etc.

– To cooperate with government agency, such as register of the death at district administration, obtaining police report, releasing the deceased from the hospital.

Disclosure of personal data

Siam funeral’s employees, directors, officers and/or representatives are obliged by company’s discipline to treat the client’s data as confidential and may not pass on or use any of client’s data without next of kin authorization. Any of the data benefits from this full protection and will only be disclosed to third parties such as district administration, government agencies related to the death, hospital related to the death

Without prejudice to the above, Siam funeral can only disclose the following information:

–               Necessary personal information of deceased, such as full name, nationality, date of birth, place of death, date of death, place of deceased.


More over in practical, Siam funeral’s officers are well trained about deceased’s personal effects which could be deceased personal privacy in financial, such as book bank, credit card, ID card etc. The list of item from Police, hospital or hotel is a must that we request from them. And the information of these personal effects of deceased and list of the item will be informed and send to Embassy and our client as soon as possible.